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Vista Las Olas Surf Resort is located right next to the world-class point-break “Las Flores." This is the best surfing spot in all of the eastern part of

El Salvador a region known as “The Wild East”. In addition to Las Flores, there are other breaks near this area, such as Punta Mango, La Vaca, Toro de Oro, El Cuco Beach-break, and Punta Bongo.

Both Punta Mango and Punta Bongo are only accessible by boat.


Vista Las Olas Surf Resort's Surf Package is ALL INCLUSIVE.

You will be provided with a beachfront suite with A/C, cable with a flat-screen TV,  free Wi-Fi Internet access, and hot water.

-Breakfast: American breakfast, which includes 1 entree & 1 side order from the breakfast menu.

-Lunch: 1 soup & 1 entree

-Dinner: 3-course menu. You can select from seafood, meat, poultry, or vegetarian entrees.

          >Additional charge for shellfish, subject to availability. 

- 2 national beers per day per person

- 1 non-alcoholic beverage per meal, from a choice of orange juice, soda, water, coffee, or milk.

- 1 bottle of water (600 ml) per day per person, and unlimited refills from water coolers.

- 1 daily boat trip to secluded surf break.

- Airport greeting and round-trip transfers (1 pickup & 1 drop-off trip only).

(IVA and Tourism Taxes included)

Surf Package Nightly Rate (3 Night Minimum stay required)

Single Occupancy....... $252

Double Occupancy...... $198 per person

Triple Occupancy........ $180 per person

Quad Occupancy........ $162 per person


If your group arrives on separate flights and/or you miss your flight, the package price does Not include additional trips.

Any additional trips to the airport and/or any other point will be charged separately at the regular price below:

Hotel to Airport:

1 - 4 people = $130

5 - 10 people = $150


Hotel to La Libertad:

1 - 4 people = $160

5 - 10 people = $180


Hotel to San Salvador:

1-4 Guests = $170

5-10 Guests = $190


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